Berwick is a small village at the foot of the South Downs in East Sussex with a population of around 270. There is a shop, a post office, a station, a Church, two pubs, a zoo and an English wine centre amongst other small enterprises.

Berwick Parish:

Click on the link below to see a map of the parish of Berwick.

Berwick Parish Map_20120118

Parish Council Meetings

The next meeting of Berwick Parish Council is on the evening of Thursday 23rd March 2017 at Berwick Village Hall. This meeting will start at 7.30pm.

The agenda is shown here.

Members of the public and the press are cordially invited to attend.

Planning Applications

Members of the public are welcome to attend and to comment on any applications being considered. As time is often limited at the meetings, the Parish Council also welcomes comments via e-mail (berwickparishcouncil@aol.com). Comments should be sent no later than 24 hours prior to the meeting in order to be considered by the Parish Council.

Message from Sussex Police

Sussex Police are issuing an urgent warning to residents, especially the elderly and anyone living alone, not to be taken in by a current wave of crime in which phone callers posing as police officers or bank staff ask for bank and card details.

There has been a recent rise in this crime across the force area, and elsewhere in the country.

The fraudsters call the intended victim claiming to be from either the Police or a Bank. They tell them that their card details have been fraudulently used and that they need to act urgently to protect themselves. They suggest that they hang up and ring the bank or police back to ensure that the call is genuine.

Don’t be fooled – they stay on the line and pretend to be the police or the bank. They then tell the intended victim to key in or read out their PIN number.

They will then send a taxi or courier, who may know nothing about the crime, to collect the bank card. With this and the PIN they will then have full access to spend your money.

Never give out your bank details to someone who has contacted you on your home phone unsolicited.